Many homes under $200,000 for sale in Long Beach

There are at present time 100 single family homes in Long Beach that are listed for sale and priced at $200,000 or under. Many of these homes are bank owned and some are regular sales, but the majority are short sales.

If you are using FHA financing you are looking at a payment of around $1420 a month for a $200,000 home. The key is to find and purchase one of these homes that will qualify for FHA is to have 3.5% for a down payment, and around 3% for closing costs or ask to get a credit for closing costs from the seller.

Many of these homes however are being purchased by investors and then gently rehabbed and flipped to make a profit. Some are also being rented out with positive cash flow meaning that the rent is more than the mortgage. With interest rates low many of these properties do make great investments.

Not all of these homes qualify for FHA however as some of them are in poor to fair condition and FHA will not insure them. A qualified realtor can help pick and sort out the ones that do qualify for FHA.

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